Choosing builders, getting quotes, signing contacts

There are two main approaches that people tend to choose in getting a building contractor on board. The first, more traditional route is to send the drawings and specifications out to tender to 2 or three chosen contractors. The problem with this approach is that builders are reluctant to spend time preparing a detailed and accurate quotation if they are not sure of winning the contract. The second approach is to find a building contractor who you want to use and ask them to prepare a detailed quote for the work. With either process LTA can help by looking through the quotes and advising you on their merits and shortcomings.

Once a building contractor is chosen then LTA can advise on the contract (for the RIBA Domestic Building Contract) and help complete relevant sections. We can also hold a pre-contract meeting with all main parties present to address issues such as site set-up and agreeing such things as lines of communication and design change protocols.

Domestic Building Contract

Fully revised and updated, the RIBA Domestic Building Contract is specifically designed to be a simple, clear and easy to understand and use contract between a client and a contractor. Endorsed and supported by the HomeOwners Alliance, the RIBA Domestic Building Contract can be used on all domestic (non-commercial) projects, including renovations extensions, maintenance and new buildings.