Appointment of an Architect

As a registered Architect Liz Thomas is required to have a in place a written contract with you describing the services to be provided, the fees to be charged and setting out terms and conditions, information about the practice, details of Professional Indemnity Insurance and procedure in case of any dispute. As well as helping LTA with business planning and workflows this gives you assurance of your rights under the contract. The appointment documents used will be the RIBA Domestic Professional Services Contract 2018: Architectural Services (see link below).


Professional Services Contract

The RIBA Domestic Professional Services Contract has been prepared in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and is an agreement between an Architect/Consultant and a consumer client relating to work to the client’s own home, including renovations, extensions, maintenance and new buildings, provided that the client has elected to enter into the agreement in their own name, ie. not as a limited company or legal entity or where the property will be let.